Sasquatch Camp


Possible bigfoot? Recorded in Adirondack Park on September 10, 2012.The quality is not the best. I recorded it on a lower end digital recorder that I couldn't download from. I ended up recording it onto another one that did have capability inside a shoe box to cut down on outside noise as best as I could. You definitely can hear things better with earphones.
Backstory: The sun had just set. I was inside the camp, my wife was on the dock. She came running in and told me something howled from right across the lake. We went out with the recorder on. I ask her if it made any other noises, or just a howl. As soon as I say "howl," at :20 of the recording, you will hear a yell in the distance. This is not the same animal that howled. My wife said as soon as she heard the howl, this animal responded from down the lake. Over the next minute and a half, you will hear four more yells, at :49, 1:19, 1:49. and 2:26. The animal was moving through the woods toward the spot that the howl had come from. At 1:41 you will hear something that sounds like a frog. It is not. It is a pump of sorts from a camp down the lake. One final note, there are no roads on that side of the lake. There are a few camps, accessible by boat, but this was during the week and nobody was at the camps near where this sound came from. Bigfoot? I don't know. Interesting? You be the judge.

Some interesting sounds from our August 2013 trip to the Adirondacks. This clip is from about 11:30 p.m., after we were asleep. You will hear what sounds like a wood-knock about 8 seconds in. Shortly after you will hear a vocalization that I at first thought was a woman - and it might be - but I have no idea what she was saying, why she was saying it at 11:30 on a remote lake, and why she didn't say anything else. What convinced me more than the knock and this vocalization, however, is what you will hear toward the end of the clip, at about the 3:30 mark. There is a very distant yell that I think is similar to the sounds we recorded in 2012.

This is also from the August trip, a little earlier in the evening, about 10:30, after we had gone inside and to bed. There is a knock that gets the loons going. At the end of the clip there is another knock. There are camps on this lake and it's possible that a person made the knocking noises, but I find it interesting and just enjoy listening to the loons.

This is a slightly enhanced version of the 2012 sounds. Same as above only a little louder.

An owl that we recorded on the same trip. (2012)

A barred owl. There are a lot of them around this lake.

My coonhound, Guido, on the trail of a raccoon.

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