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My newest book, Wearing the NRA: One Hat's Journey in the Wake of Parkland, is now available!

       “Where on Earth is Chima?” That was the first question Robert Tucker asked himself when his new NRA hat arrived in the mail. Having joined the organization two weeks previous, he was pleased with the prompt arrival of his complimentary gift, but he was concerned that it might have been made in Communist China, as many hats are. When the hat’s tag indicated it was made in Chima, instead, he was relieved but understandably puzzled.

The second question he asked himself was,” So what do I do with it now?” The school shooting in Parkland, Florida was still a fresh memory in the national consciousness, and impassioned debate raged about gun-control in general and the National Rifle Association in particular. Given the climate, wearing the hat might have been a risky proposition.

But, as a trial attorney and author of five novels, Robert Tucker knew a good story when it landed on his head. An experiment took shape, one in which he would wear the hat for a number of months and chronicle the reactions it provoked. In this manner, Wearing the NRA was born. For five months he wore the hat in the most unobtrusive way possible. Rather than being rude and confrontational, he was generous and kind, wanting any negative reaction to be toward the hat and nothing more.

What he discovered was unexpected, refreshing, and instructive. Wearing the NRA is an engaging mix of humor, opinion, and memoir that puts a fresh face on the issues of gun-control, school safety, and personal liberty. It’s a must read for any gun owner, but it’s sure to entertain and inform any American who wants to understand one of the most disputed topics of our day.

$10.99 paperback, $6.99 ebook!

A political comedic romp that will keep you guessing and laughing to the end. Eliot Waterfall, a divorced criminal defense attorney, wins over a billion dollars in the multi-state lottery. On a whim, he runs for President, the central theme of his campaign being to bring the country together. His opponents for the office include Roderick Higginbotham III, a Texas billionaire whose first-third wife is a trilingual businesswoman and former fashion model, Senator Dick Wrangler, a devout evangelical Christian and closet homosexual, and Vice-President Lindsay Buck, whose father scoured the want-ads every summer looking for free pet rabbits to fill the family freezer. Throughout the campaign, Eliot strives to win back his ex-wife, Alex, but his attempts are complicated by the arrival of Ivenka Larionov, a foul-mouthed Russian supermodel with a voracious sexual appetite and a well-known penchant for bedding billionaires. Part political satire, part social commentary, part love story, The Lifespan of Rabbits is as good for the political junkie as it is for the hopeless romantic.

            From the author of The Ghosts of Rapid Creek and Six Coffins comes a chilling tale of the seductive powers of evil. The year is 1989, the Berlin Wall is about to crumble, the world is changing, and it's a heady time to be on a college campus. David Rhodes left his small town in Michigan's far north in search of change. When he arrives at school, change is quick to oblige. He meets Alexandra Duvall, a beautiful young woman with a painful past, her soul forged in a cauldron of hidden abuse. As David falls more deeply in love, he unwittingly descends into a world where good has become evil and evil has become good.   $7.99 paperback or only $4.99 on kindle at:

I originally wrote this manuscript almost twenty years ago. Though I really liked the story, I just didn't like the way it was written. I put it aside and life moved on. We stumbled on the manuscript while cleaning the basement last fall, so I decided to give it another whirl. I'm very happy with the results, and I hope you enjoy it. Though I strive for a deeper meaning in all my novels, this is probably the heaviest of my books so far. Contrary to popular belief, evil isn't always ugly or outwardly profane. Sometimes evil is very beautiful and desirable, to the point where good men want it above all else and will lay down their lives to defend it. It's been said that evil prevails when good men do nothing. I disagree. I believe evil prevails when good men unwittingly take up its cause, and I believe this book illustrates that point very well. I hope you agree. 
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